Where can I get an undergraduate Public Health Degree in Georgia?

Undergaduate public health degree Georgia Agnes Scott
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If you want an undergraduate public health degree in Georgia, you’ll have quite a few to choose from.

Georgia is seeing a boom in its population and top-level investment. Unfortunately, disproportionate poverty, wealth inequality, and limited access to healthcare have deeply impacted the state. This has led to a growing need for public health professionals, who of course need public health degrees. The state has responded through its education system, which is clamoring to provide more public health degrees. While the standard degree in professional public health is an MPH, you can earn an undergraduate degree that gives you a head start on MPH coursework, and that can lead directly to entry-level jobs.

At Online Master’s in Public Health, we’ve ranked some of the best options in Georgia public health degrees on our The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia ranking. If you’re interested in any of these schools, make sure to request more information about their public health degrees from them directly, following the links we’ve provided.

The schools we’ve chosen are as follows:

  • 1. University of Georgia (many public health degrees to choose from, including undergraduate public health degrees)
  • 2. Emory University (many public health degrees to choose from, including undergraduate, and a mostly online MPH program).
  • 3. Agnes Scott College (a Bachelor’s Major and Minor in Public Health)
  • 4. Georgia College and State University (B.S. in Public Health offered)
  • 5. Mercer University (B.S. and MPH offered, MPH entirely online).

The schools on our list were chosen based on the following:

  • We assessed every school offering MPH programs in the state of Georgia.
  • We looked at schools to see the deliver formats they offered (completing classes online, partially online, or on-campus).
  • Gathered information from school websites, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), CollegeData, Niche, and more.
  • Scored schools based on their graduation rate, retention rate, residential cost of Attendance, and students’ rankings through Niche.
  • All of these were factored into a final score out of 400.

Just in case the top 5 schools on our list don’t meet your needs or interests, we’ve also included the following schools as honorable mentions:

So don’t wait, get to our The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia ranking immediately, and request more information from the public health degree programs themselves.

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