The Top 25 Online MPH Programs

Top Online MPH ProgramsTo rank the top 25 online MPH programs for a Master’s in Public Health degree many factors were taken into consideration. Of these, the most important things that were looked at were the cost of the school, the reputation and the graduation rate of the school. According to the statistics that were determined using these credentials, the following is a list of the top 25 schools to obtain an online Master’s in Public Health degree.

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Featured Online MPH Programs

School Ranking Methodology:

Online Masters in Public Health ranks schools according to the following criteria:

Tuition and Opportunity Cost (60%) – Direct online MPH program costs are estimated using data reported on each school’s website.

Prestige (20%) – Calculated based on program requirements, average GRE/MCAT scores, and percentage of applicants accepted into the online MPH program

Employment Statistics (20%) – Based on post-degree outcomes such as opportunity cost of average period prior to employment, average 1st year earnings and average 5th year earnings relative to all degree holders.

Top 25 Online MPH Programs

1. University of North Carolina

imagesUniversity of North Carolina’s Masters of Public Health program is heavily focused on preparing students to deal with Global Health issues. They offer two concentrations: Applied Implementation Science and Water and Population Health. The program is designed to be completed in just two and half years, but students have up to five years to complete the program if needed. Tuition and fees for the 42 credit hour online MPH program vary based on residency. Currently, North Carolina residents can expect to pay $230.16 per credit hour; nonresidents will need to budget $1077.16 per credit hour. For more information click here.

2. University of West Florida

uwflogoIn addition to a Masters of Public Health, the University of Florida offers four certificate options. The options include Emergency Management, Environmental Health, Infection Control, and Occupational Safety and Health. The Council on Education of Public Health has accredited the Masters of Public Health degree program at the University of West Florida. Tuition for the online MPH program is $17,472 but partial fee waivers are available to those that qualify. Visit the University of West Florida website for more information.

3. Fort Hays State

Fort_Hays_State_University_(emblem)At Fort Hays State students can expect to earn a Masters of Professional Health with a concentration in Public Health Administration. The program schedule follows the traditional semester format with a summer session starting in June. Students may start the 30 credit hour program at the beginning of any semester as long as they have been accepted. Fort Hays State is a huge bargain financially. Most students are able to complete a masters program for around $7,600. Follow the link here for more information about Fort Hays State.

4. University of Alabama Birmingham

uabThe University of Alabama Birmingham offers a unique dual degree option combining Public Health with a Masters in Social Work. They also offer three completely online MPH options that range from 42 to 45 credit hours. Course work can generally be completed in two years if students are enrolled full time. In state tuition is only $9,063, one of the least expensive on the list. Even out of state tuition is an inexpensive option, $16,259. Please refer to the University Alabama Birmingham website for further information.

5. University of South Florida

downloadUniversity of South Florida is sure to have something for every Public Health professional. They offer six online degree options and ten online certificate options. Their innovative approach to online learning includes the use of many 21st century technology options such as blogs, podcasting, forums, and streaming video. Tuition for the online MPH program is $23,865 and discounts are offered to out of state residents completing an online only program.

6. American Public University

FINAL_APUS (2C).LOGO.aiStudents attending American Public can expect to learn from an interdisciplinary team of experts with experience in their field of practice. This helps the school produce developing leaders in the public health field. American Public is currently undergoing the voluntary accreditation process with the Council on Education for Public Health. The three year online MPH program offers flexibility for students and provides a great value for the price. Tuition for the program is roughly $16,250. Find more information about American Public at this link.

7. University of Florida

UF-logo-360University of Florida is a great option for a Masters of Public Health offering maximum flexibility. Their 48 credit hour online MPH program can be completed in as little as two years or as long as seven years. Students are even able to take a semester off without being penalized. The program is entirely online and lectures are designed to be played on demand. All students complete an integrative internship and have the opportunity to interact with other students and faculty on campus. Tuition for the online MPH program at current rates is $28,100. For more information follow the link.

8. Liberty University

liberty-university_2013-05-28_11-03-40With specializations in Health Promotion, Global Health, and Nutrition; Liberty University offers something for everyone. The Masters of Public Health program consists of 42 credit hours and can be completed in two years when attending full time. Full time students enrolled in the online MPH program are eligible for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant. This helps defray a portion of the programs $22,680 tuition and fees. Upon completion students are ready to advance into a variety of positions in both the public and private sector. Complete information from Liberty University can be found here.

9. University of Illinois Springfield

UIS_LogoThe University of Illinois Springfield prides itself in being highly committed to community service. They offer a generalist Masters of Public Health as well as a concentration in Environmental Health that is accredited by the National Environmental Science and Protection Accreditation Council. Both programs encompass 48 credit hours and require roughly two years to complete. In addition to their two masters programs, University of Illinois Springfield offers five certificate options for those wishing to further their career without the full commitment of a Masters of Public Health. The program cost for the online MPH degree program is on the lower end at just $18,960. To read all the details on the degree and certificate programs available thru University of Illinois Springfield, please click here.

10. Walden University

downloadThe Masters of Public Health degree program at Walden University prepares students for a wide variety of employment options. The online MPH program consists of 64 quarter credits and is usually completed within two years by taking five to ten quarter credits at a time. Walden University applied for accreditation with the Council on Education for Public Health in September 2014. Tuition and fees are currently calculated at $23,655. Further details can be found on the Walden University website.

11. Nova Southeastern University

novaThe Masters of Public Health program thru Nova Southeastern consists of 27 core credit hours and 15 elective credit hours. Students are given up to five years to complete the program at a cost of $24,100. The program is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health. In addition students can consider a 15 credit hour certificate program that can be transferred to the Masters program as long as they earn a grade of B or better. For more detailed information please follow this link to Nova Southeastern.

12. Kaplan

kaplanlogoWith over 10 satellite campuses Kaplan offers students a range of possibilities. The Masters of Public Health is available entirely online. It includes 44 core credit hours and sixteen hours of electives for a total of 60 credit hours. Kaplan offers students maximum flexibility with multiple start dates and the ability to take classes full or part time. Tuition for the online MPH program is on the lower end at just $24,100. Find out everything you need to know by clicking here.

13. Creighton University

Creighton-University-LogoCreighton University offers operates on an eight week rolling term. This allows students to focus all of their energy on one class at a time for a shorter amount of time. Completion of the 15 course online MPH program takes approximately two and a half years. Students can chose from two social oriented concentrations; Health Policy and Ethics or Public Health Services Administration. Creighton University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Total program fees should are approximately $33,200. For complete details please follow this link.

14. University of Massachusetts

University_of_Massachusetts_logoThe University of Massachusetts accepts students with three to five years of real world job experience in the field of public health. The program consists of 14 three credit courses, 120 field practicum hours and a capstone project. Full time students take three courses at a time. Part time students may take as few as one class per semester. Students who are unsure if they want to enroll in the Masters of Public Health program may take up to four courses prior to enrollment. Tuition for the full online MPH program is currently $25,500. More information can be found here.

15. George Washington University

gw_ahz_4cp_posGeorge Washington offers the fastest option to a Masters of Public Health with a one year accelerated program. The accelerated online MPH program requires students to take 11.5 credits per term. George Washington also offers programs that last a year and half, two years, and three years. With focus areas in Health Communication, Health Policy, Program Planning and Evaluation, and Global Health students are sure to find something that interests them. Tuition for George Washington is on the higher end at $61,425 per year. For all of the pertinent facts please follow this link.

16. University of Nebraska Medical Center

10482065_10154680645215277_4309949665558674060_nProviding students the options they need to advance their career around their own schedules is the reason University of Nebraska Medical Center offers all online Masters of Public Health degree options. Students can chose from an 18 credit hour certificate program, or one of three 45 credit hour degree options. Focuses options include Biostatistics, Environmental and Occupational Health, or Public Health Practices. Students can expect to pay $28,305 in tuition and fees over their course of study. The same rate paid by their on campus counterparts. To review all of the pertinent facts please visit the University of Nebraska Medical Centers website here.

17. University of New England

PrintUniversity of New England’s Masters of Public Health is fully accredited by the Council on Education of Public Health. It consists of 46 credit hours. A full time student can complete the online MPH program in approximately 18 months with no required campus visits. The University of New England also offers an 18 credit hour Graduate Certificate in Public Health. Students are not required to complete the GRE in order to apply for this online MPH program. At $29,210 for program tuition and fees this is in the mid price range. To review all program information please click here.

18. University of Southern California

university-of-southern-california_200x200University of Southern California’s Masters of Public Health program is accredited by both the Council on Education for Public Health and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The online MPH program consists of 47 course units and offers four concentration options. Concentrations include Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Health Education and Promotion, Global Health Leadership, and Geohealth. Students have 24/7access to course materials and technical support so they can study on their own schedule. Tuition for the program comes in at $76,000. To find out more click here.

19. Florida A&M University

Florida A&M UniversityFlorida A&M University offers graduate valuable employment connections with big organizations and prepares students for quick progression up the career ladder. The Masters of Public Health program consists of 50 credit hours and can be completed in six semesters when attending full time. Requiring just two classes at a time the part-time online MPH program was designed with the working professional in mind. Instructors at this top school have virtual office hours to ensure students have a consistent option for asking questions. Prior to applying to this accredited program students should have five years of relevant work experience. Tuition and fees are $32, 500. Find more information here.

20. Capella University

logo-The Capella University online MPH program guides you through topics such as Biostatistics, Health Administrative Systems, and Psychological, Behavioral and Social issues in Public Health. This accredited program teaches its students to manage public health systems and develop solutions to public health issues with all of the facets of the field in mind. It boasts a 91% satisfaction rate among its students, and the faculty consist of professionals that serve on numerous boards including the Healthcare Quality Management Board. Enrolling in this program ensures that you are prepared for a career in the Public Health field across a number of specializations.

Click here to request your free Capella University information

21. Loyola University Chicago

LoyolaLoyola University Chicago offers students the opportunity to take courses completely online or utilize a hybrid program mixing night classes with online instruction. Concentration options include Public Health Policy and Management and Epidemiology. Loyola also offers a certificate program that can be taken entirely online and later transferred to use as credit towards a Masters of Public Health. The certificate program is a great option for someone who cannot currently commit to a complete program. Tuition and fees can run upwards of $45,000 for the Masters of Public Health. For detailed information regarding Loyola University Chicago follow this link.

22. Grand Canyon University

GCU-SEALThis degree option consists of 48 credit hours designed to help public health professionals advance their careers. Most students complete the online MPH program within two years of starting. However additional time is available if needed. In addition to a Masters of Public Health the university offers a Masters in Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Public Health. For a nurse seeking a career in coordination and evaluation of health services this is the perfect option. Grand Canyon University is a fair price with full tuition and fees coming in at $24,310.

23. A.T. Still University

Andrew_Taylor_Still_University_LogoA.T. Still University offers small class sizes and opportunities for one on one interaction between students and faculty. Curriculum consists of 64 credit hours taught by leaders in the public health field. They also require a background check as part of their admissions process to ensure safety for patients and employers. The online MPH program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Tuition and fees for the full program are currently $30,896. To find out more about A.T. Still University please visit their website.

24. Des Moines University

3000f4dExcellence. Integrity. Diversity. Social Justice. Community. These are the values emphasized by Des Moines University Masters of Public Health. Students complete four tiers of study consisting of 45 credit hours. Tiers can be completed concurrently to allow for greater flexibility when needed. The online MPH program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health. Tuition and fees total $15,200 for the two and half year program. Students also have the option of completing the program one course at a time. Click here to learn more about the programs available at Des Moines University.

25. Benedictine University

benedictine-universityAt Benedictine University students have the opportunity to complete one of four certificate programs in addition to a Masters of Public Health. Students may also chose one of the university’s dual degree options to further advance their career options. At the end of the 66 credit hour online MPH program students will be fully equipped to serve in a variety of positions including Emergency Preparedness, Health Management and Policy, Health Education and Promotion, and Epidemiology. Students can expect to pay $40,920 for program tuition and fees at Benedictine University. New students are eligible to apply for the Student Success Award to help offset up to $10,000 of the cost of attendance. Click here to learn about all Benedictine has to offer.

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