Top Online Masters In Public Health (MPH) Degrees In Nutrition


omph-badge-mastersnutritionNutrition has become a key focus of public health with many modern illness being a result of lack of nutrition, and proper education around nutrition.

1) Liberty University – Online MPH (Nutrition)
2) University of Minnesota – Online MPH (Nutrition)

Liberty University

liberty-university_2013-05-28_11-03-40.516Liberty University’s Master of Public Health with a concentration in Nutrition will help you master skills pertinent to the field of public health. Whether your interest is career advancement, education or enhancing society, you will achieve a rich understanding of public health and the importance of nutrition.

Engage your desire to impact society locally or globally, through a sociological perspective regarding solutions to food-borne illness, disease prevention, and nutritional health disorders. Gain a level of expertise, as you enrich your understanding of basic nutrition and enhance your credentials.

Create opportunities for career advancement, including those in the mission field, as you establish a potential platform to enter closed countries. Courses will prepare you to serve effectively as a public health expert in the modern world, integrating faith with learning in a professional atmosphere.

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University of Minnesota – MPH in Nutrition

1409684796926The University of Minnesota’s MPH In Nutrition is a specialized degree option within the MPH provides additional training for those interested in careers with public health, but oriented towards health promotion, disease prevention, and nutrition interventions. For those interested in the global health system, the University of Minnesota provides opportunities for a experience with the Peace Corps as part of their degree requirements. The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities offers MPH degrees that are traditionally suited for those who want to practice in a public health setting including nutrition.

Walden’s Online Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

walden-universityWalden’s Online MPH Program addresses the growing need for well-prepared public health professionals and provides you with the credentials to serve as an advocate for the development of healthy individuals, organizations, and communities.

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