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Public Health Degrees

Public health is an incredibly broad field which is great because that means it has something for everyone. No matter what your strengths are, you can find your place in this incredible field and find a way to contribute to public health in a way you find fulfilling. The drawback to being interested in such a broad area of study is that it can be harder to do your research and get your questions answered about the things that you’re interested in. In this guide, we have sought to put together all of the best resources on this website so we can present you with a comprehensive guide to earning your online Masters in Public Health.

In this guide, you’ll read some common questions about earning your MPH, find resources that provide you with some additional insight, and then you can browse all of our degree rankings to help you find a school that fit for you.

Public Health Degrees

Masters in Public Health FAQ

Our extensive FAQ Section has answers for more than 50 questions and we constantly work to expand it so that you can get the answers that you need. In this guide, you can read some of the more general questions to learn about what an MPH is, some career options, and more.

Why choose a career in public health?

What Is an MPH Degree?

What can you do with a master’s degree in public health?

Is an online MPH the same as one earned on campus?

We’ve ranked some of the best online MPH programs here.

Where can I find an accredited MPH online program?

If you’re looking for an accredited MPH online program, a great resource is our ranking of the best online Master’s in public health.

If you have any additional questions, our FAQ section is always growing.


Public Health MPH degree


You’re bound to have additional questions as you start to research your degree options, and there are somethings that you may not have thought to ask. For that, we’ve created a host of resources that will provide you with additional insight into obtaining your MPH online, and those include:

Our Resources section also has interesting articles for you to learn more about public health and current events, and has several infographics for you to learn about The History of Vaccines, Epidemics of America, and more.

Public Health Job Outlook

Public Health Degree Rankings

Our academic rankings use a standard methodology based on affordability, freshman retention rate, graduation rate, and the Niche grade that the school currently holds. Each ranking explains the methodology in depth so that you’ll never have to wonder where our information is coming from or be uncertain about the accuracy of it. We have a range of articles currently available and are always adding more so that prospective students like you can be as aware of your options as possible.

MPH Degree

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Postgraduate Public Health Degree Rankings

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Public Health Degrees

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