Public Health Scholarships

People who study Public Health have great career prospects. However, the educational requirements for pursuing this career tend to be costly, which can put some students off. The expenses associated with college education can accumulate pretty fast and reach thousands of dollars. Fortunately, students can apply for and receive scholarships that will help them pursue their studies at significantly reduced costs.

What Makes Scholarships Special?
Students who receive scholarships to further their studies have a great opportunity to fund their studies because the scholarships are not loans that they have to repay. Scholarships are gifts that enable recipients to pursue their education. Unlike fellowships or grants, the recipients of scholarships are not mandated to work on projects or complete research studies in particular areas of study.

The rewards of scholarships require some commitments. The students must work hard and be persistent. The scholarships are generally offered in specific areas of public health, including:

• Children’s health
• Maternal health
• Education
• Nutrition

Where to Search for Scholarships in Public Health
While there are plenty of resources to help students receive scholarships, the students must know the specialties they would like to pursue in public health. This will help them zero in on scholarships related to their areas of interest.

The Internet provides many useful resources giving information about and access to scholarships in public health. Useful websites include, College Board and FastWeb. The scholarships found in these places may be based on particular areas of interest, geographic location and grade point average of the applicants. The students can narrow down their searches to locate specific scholarships that best suit their circumstances and interests.

University Finance Office
The latest information about scholarships is available from finance offices in universities, where students can also get applications. The offices are meant to help students achieve their educational goals, and they will get details about available scholarships and their respective requirements.

Libraries stock books dedicated to databases of available scholarships yet people do not usually think about them when it comes to searching for scholarships. Apart from such books, library staff usually know about both national and community scholarships.

Groups and Organizations
Both public and private sector organizations offer some scholarships that may prove valuable. These bodies include the Department of Health and Human Services and Centers for Disease Control. Other useful organizations to check are pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

When you are searching for scholarships, it is important to look for every possible option. You may get relevant offer at a place you would typically not associate with scholarships. Check different organizations and bodies to see if there are any available scholarships.

Some students may look down upon the scholarships that have relatively little monetary value. However, no matter how little the money a scholarship offers may be, it will help in climbing the financial ladder towards pursuing a career in public health. This is especially important when you consider the fact that students are not restricted to single scholarships. Looking and preparing for scholarships take a lot of effort and time but they bring great rewards by helping students lower their costs of college education.

Many students can find it challenging to pursue and meet their objectives of working in the public health sector because of the high college costs. Scholarships can help such students realize their dreams.

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