"I wanted to dedicate my life to doing good for others".-Earl W. Stafford

This quote is exactly you"re here, and the same goes for OnlineMastersinPublicHealth.com. We simply exist to help the Public Health professionals of the future plan the course of their education; opening doors to a lifetime of helping communities around the world. Our resources serve to provide both information and inspiration to those about to embark, and currently serving in the Public Health field.

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Our Goals

  • Provide prospective students with the tools needed to pursue an education in the Public Health Field.
  • Help students find the perfect learning environment and program for their needs
  • Offer solutions for an affordable online education.
  • To become a resource that professionals at any stage of their education or career can return to for valuable information.
What if Our Healthcare System
Kept Us Healthy? -Rebecca Onie
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