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The Master of Public Health degree is the key professional degree for entry into the field of public health. We provide relevant information about quality Master of Public Health degree programs for both accredited traditional on-campus degree programs and accredited online degree programs. We rank different degree programs and explain the strengths that each program offers. Our hope is to help future and current public health professionals find the program that is best for them.

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We believe it is our responsibility to help public health
professionals find the best training and best education possible.

We help those professionals to further their service to others by keeping them informed about career opportunities and trends in the profession. Public health careers offer wonderful and fulfilling ways to serve and to improve communities. We want others to share in our excitement and love for improving the health of our fellow human beings around the world. That desire is why we are here to serve you.

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Benefits of An Online Masters Degree in Public Health

High Quality Education

Renowned professors in the field are easily accessible through online learning. No matter what your qualifications are for choosing a program, chances are that an online school has what you're looking for.

Complete your Degree Faster

Accelerated programs are an option to look into when choosing an online school. While you still have the option to complete a masters in public health in 2-4 years, many schools can cut this down with a larger work load.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

An online college means that you can get your degree from anywhere. Whether you work better from home, or have a lifestyle that includes traveling, you are still able to get a masters degree no matter what your circumstances.

Hands on Learning

Getting your degree online means connecting directly with your educator, and with students around the world! Your professors provide one on one attention to answer your questions and make sure your individual needs are met.


Cutting down on travel, board, food, and other educational costs means that you an focus your money on what matters most - education. Online colleges can be cheaper than traditional education, so your opportunities are more affordable.

Organized Documents

Because your communication is 100% based online, it is all filed away neatly into one place to make sure that you never lose track of your assignments and notes. If organization or time management is an issue, online education makes it easier to succeed.

Focuses Within Your Public Health Degree

Public health is a broad category with many different available focuses and careers to work towards. Once you've started to get a feel for what you are interested in, it is wise to choose a focus to stick with to the end. The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health have provided the top 10 most common areas of study.

  • Biostatistics & Informatics
  • Health Policy & Management
  • Community Health
  • Health Promotion & Communication
  • Epidemiology
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Minority Health & Health Disparities
  • Global Health
  • Social & Behavioral Health

Public Health Program Rankings

It can be difficult to find the program that is right for you. We design our rankings of public health degree programs to help you in your search. Our criteria for ranking include the reputation of the program, the career opportunities after graduation, and the opinions of actual students and graduates based upon actual interviews with them. We rank accredited online Master in Public Health programs and accredited traditional campus-based master degree programs in public health.

We go one step further and also list the top Doctorate in Public Health. Pursuing any doctoral degree takes time and commitment. Online programs offer flexibility and may save costs. However finding an accredited and reputable program is difficult. Our rankings make that easier.

Because public health professionals want to serve others and to improve the physical health of their communities, we know that want the best training and education possible. Through our rankings, they find the degree programs that meet their needs and career goals.

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Public Health Features

Public health is a rewarding career. Public health is about helping people and helping communities. Public health professionals help people make choices that ensure healthy living. It is not only about intervention. It is also about prevention. It is not only about treating others. It is also about informing others.

There are many challenges to public health, and through our features, we inform you so that we will be better able to inform others. Our features help you to make the best educational choices and empower you to be better able to serve others.

Our recent features have included graphics that explore the misinformed opposition to childhood vaccinations. These graphics and facts help you to counter the false information that endangers the health of children. We also have graphics that inform about global water poverty, epidemics that have touched the United States, foraged foods that prevent disease, the benefits of bicycling.

These graphics can easily be shared on other websites. Take advantage of them. Use them to find the facts that you need. Present them to inform your community about wise health choices.

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