What Types Of Degrees In Public Health Can I Earn In Illinois?

What Types Of Degrees In Public Health Can I Earn In Illinois?

Earning a public health degree in Illinois has never been easier. Increasingly, schools are adding online programs to the types of degrees they offer. Illinois has a number of public health degree options, and a strong need for public health professionals.

U.S. News & World Report notes that Illinois ranks 21st in healthcare access, 37th in healthcare quality, and 20th in public health. The degrees you earn and where you focus your attention can really make an impact on some of the biggest public health crises facing residents of Illinois. These include:

  • Access to public healthcare.
  • Low food standards/sanitation.
  • Substance abuse.
  • Public Health infrastructure.
  • Disparities in cancer rates based on racial and economic inequality.

We’ve ranked the The 5 Best Public Health Degrees in Illinois. The schools that made the list are:

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Illinois Springfield
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • University of Illinois at Chicago

For the rest of our public health degree rankings, look no further.

If you’re looking for a career in public health, there are many types of degrees that can get you on the path to one. The first thing to consider is what level of education you’ve achieved. That’ll let you know what types of degrees in public health you qualify for, and which you need to build towards. There are pre-Public Health programs, Bachelor’s of Public Health, Master’s of Public Health, Doctoral degrees in Public Health and certificates in Public Health all available in Illinois, a few of which can be earned online.

Also, within the field of public health, there are many subsets and specializations to choose from. We’ve done a lot of the organizing of the myriad types of degrees. Here’s a smattering of different public health specialization rankings:

Depending on your education thus far, you might need to choose a public health program based on degree level. Here’s a head start:

Perhaps you want to look at other states’ public health programs. We’ve rounded out our coverage of public health programs, and currently offer rankings for the following states. We’re also adding new states so make sure to check back:

There are so many types of degrees in public health, but we’ve done a lot of the leg work at organizing and ranking them for you, so you can jump start your search easily and efficiently.

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