What Scholarships Are Specifically For Students Pursuing A Public Health Degree?

Public Health degrees prepare students to become particularly useful members of society who can raise the health of entire populations. Degrees in fields like finance, law, and business administration often lead to jobs that reward the recipient a high salary, but graduates who enter the field of public health greatly benefit the lives of other people, so institutions often have scholarships that are specifically for students pursuing a public health degree. Students applying to public health degree programs should be aware of all of the scholarship options that are available to them, so they should be sure to contact the financial aid administrators of the programs where they are looking to apply. For reference to some great scholarship opportunities for people pursuing an MPH degree, check out our list of the Top 36 Best Scholarships for MPH Degrees. Let’s take a look at a few scholarship opportunities that are tailored specifically for MPH degree seekers.

The Guttmacher Institute is a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance sexual and reproductive health in the United States. They offer the Cory L. Richards Memorial Scholarship, who was a leading member of the Guttmacher Institute for almost four decades. The scholarship awards $15,000 to a student who plans to spend their education and career in the field of health care, while specifically advocating for public policy that advances sexual and reproductive rights. Applicants must be pursuing a Masters degree in Public Policy or Public Health. Applicants will fill out their form, providing them pertinent information about their education and financial background as this is a needs-based scholarship which promotes equity by being awarded to a student who demonstrates financial difficulties in obtaining their degree. Applicants will also submit an essay that cannot exceed 8,000 words in length, describing their commitment to advance sexual and reproductive health policy.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is a charity that is dedicated to promoting nutritional health in the United States. The foundation is the worldwide leader of dietetics scholarships, and offers a wide array of scholarship opportunities for students entering the field of public health with an emphasis on dietary nutrition. The amount of money awarded in each scholarship varies greatly, but the largest sum is awarded for the winner of the Edna and Robert Langholz International Nutrition Award, which presents an award of $25,000 to the student whose contribution to nutrition has had the greatest international significance. Students pursuing an MPH degree should be sure to check out their other scholarship opportunities as well.

Students should also be aware that their institution may offer scholarships specifically for their MPH degree seekers. Students applying for their MPH at Walden University should look into their Advancing Public Health Excellence Scholarships, which are designed for public health professionals who are looking to increase their credentials, and awards go from $10,000 to full tuition. John Hopkins University offers a variety of scholarships that are specifically for students pursuing their MPH degree, including the Bloomberg Fellows scholarship, the Welch Scholarship, and the Reed Frost Scholarship among others. Students should be sure to apply for all of the applicable scholarship opportunities that are offered by their specific institution.

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