What Is The Best Public Health Degree In Florida?

What Is The Best Public Health Degree In Florida?

There are a variety of options for prospective students looking for a Public Health degree in the state of Florida, so choosing the best one can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are various metric systems that have been devised for that purpose. The most common Public Health degree is a Master’s in Public Health (MPH), so our methodology was primarily focused on MPH offerings, though we took other Public Health degrees into account as well. Our metrics found that the University of Florida has the top Public Health degree offerings in the state of Florida, while Florida State University and the University of South Florida come in at second and third respectively. To see the full list, check out our ranking of The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Florida. Since the University of Florida has the best Public Health Degree offerings in the state of Florida, let’s take a closer look at what their College of Public and Health Professions has to offer.

University of Florida’s Public Health Degrees

The University of Florida (UF) is a large, public research university located in Gaineseville, Florida. The university’s College of Public Health and Health Professions was founded in 1958 and is made up of ten individual departments that offer health degrees, one of which is their department of Public Health. Their department of Public Health offers degrees at all levels of academia, from Associate’s and certificates, all the way up to Master’s and Doctoral study. Undergraduates have the option of earning a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Public Health (BPH) or Health Science (BHS), both of which are designed to provide their students with a solid foundation so that they can go on to attain an MPH degree. If students want to earn their Bachelor’s and MPH at UF, they offer a Combined Bachelor and MPH degree program. UF’s MPH degree is the most prestigious in the state of Florida, and they offer a number of different concentrations for their students to specialize in, including Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Environmental Health; Public Health Policy and Management; and Public Health Practice. Their MPH degree is offered on campus or online and students have the option of obtaining their MPH in an accelerated time frame. UF also offers students the option of continuing their education in Public Health at the doctoral level with concentrations in Environmental and Global Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences, or One Health, which is a concentration that bridges the gap between animal, plant, and human health.


UF is a public state school, so in-state students get great rates on tuition, at $14,170 per year, and total expenses for in-state students living on campus, including room and board, books, and other expenses, are estimated to come out to $36,989. Rates for out of state students are increased to $42,184, with the total cost of living on campus for one year coming out to $65,003. Since the rates are much more expensive for out of state students, they should be sure to apply to some of the Top 36 Best Scholarships for MPH Degrees.

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