What Is Health Administration?

What Is Health Administration?

Health Administration is any type of work that helps operate and deliver healthcare to people. Health administrators organize, plan, supervise, and coordinate medical and health services. Sometimes they are responsible for an entire facility, or a smaller area or clinical department, or a medical practice run by doctors. Medical and health services managers must manage their organizations efficiently within the confines of current healthcare laws, regulations, healthcare technology and best practices.

Health administrators often have a background working as a nurse, or in some capacity within health services. Typically entry-level education for this field is a Bachelor’s degree (according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). But a Master’s in health administration is a surefire way to increase your chances for a lucrative, stable career within health administration. Again, according to BLS, Medical and Health Services Managers make $98,350 in annual salary on average.

If you want to earn a Master’s in health administration, a great resource is our ranking of The Top 10 Online Master’s Degree in Health Administration Programs. We’ve ranked online programs (so you don’t have to uproot your life) based on their cost, accreditation and the length of their programs to ensure you get what you need in a timely fashion, without spending too much money. That way you can swiftly build the skills and knowledge you need to begin fulfilling duties as a health administrator.

Health administrators are in charge of some or all of the following depending on the size and nature of their organization:

  • Making sure patients and clients are giving the correct services and treatment in a way that satisfies them.
  • Supervising nursing, surgery, therapy, recovery, and whatever other services your organization provides.
  • Creating programs that serve staff and clients/patients.
  • Creating and maintaining policies that nourish order and quality of service.
  • Managing the maintenance of facilities.
  • Dealing with budgeting, and interfacing with affiliated and/or collaborating organizations.

Getting into health administration is lucrative because it’s difficult, and people in these positions are essential to the successful orchestration and execution of a health organization’s operations. You’ll need a top notch education, and you can get one while meeting your current responsibilities, and without having to move, or commute to class. With our ranking of The Top 10 Online Master’s Degree in Health Administration Programs, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right health administration program for you.

Health Administration professionals hold many positions, but common ones include:

  • Chief executive officer of a healthcare organization.
  • Chief operations officer of a healthcare organization.
  • Clinic manager.
  • Department or division director at a healthcare organization.
  • Department or division manager/supervisor.
  • Facility manager.
  • Health care consultant.
  • Health services manager.

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