What Careers Require A Doctoral Public Health Degree?

Doctoral Public Health Degree

Public health offers a rewarding, challenging career, but prioritizes multiple Public Health degrees, especially for top positions. A Doctorate in Public Health is the terminal degree in the field and will prepare you to work as a public health professor, do advanced research, or work in a supervisory/executive role in a public health organization. Only the hardest positions to obtain in public health require a doctoral degree but earning one will open them, and a host of others to you. We’ve ranked some of the top online PHD (DRPH) Degrees in Public Health to help make this goal a little easier to attain. We looked at available online programs and weighed them on their value and academic reputations in compiling the list.

If you already hold a Master’s in Public Health but are looking to expand your knowledge, get cutting-edge information into public health research and methods, and gain an advantage over competition for top jobs, a DrPH is a great route to take. It won’t be easy. These degrees generally take between four and six years, but the rewards from them are plentiful. You’ll be qualified for supervisory, managerial, and executive positions in a number of organizations dealing with public health. You can expect to earn at least $65,000, and potentially much more annually, plus you’ll enjoy career stability and utility in a rapidly growing field. The Association of Schools of Public Health has found the demand for professionals in the field of public health has never been higher. This trend is expected to continue as greedy, self-destructive corporations, political failures, aging populations, opioid crises, climate change and other pertinent factors continue to impact the fragile state of public health in America.

Some specific job titles/positions you can expect to qualify for after earning a Doctorate in Public Health include Public Health Attorney (if licensed to practice law), Health and Wellness Manager, Biostatistician, Environmentalist/Sanitarian, Nurse Educator, Professor, and much more. Some of these roles absolutely require a doctoral degree, while with others, holding one will significantly increase your chances when applying for them. As mentioned, earning a Doctorate in Public Health is time-consuming, but one way to save time and money is earning that DrPH online. There aren’t many online doctoral public health degrees, but the ones that do exist will let you save money, and help you earn your DrPH while you continue to work and handle your ongoing obligations.

Now that you know some of the positions you qualify for with a Doctoral degree in Public Health, take a close look at the top online PHD (DRPH) Degrees in Public Health ranking. Make sure you choose programs not just based on prestige, but based on how they align with your career goals, interests, schedule and ongoing responsibilities. One school on the list, Loma Linda University, offers five different concentrations, allowing you to specialize in one of the following while earning your doctorate: Health Education, Nutrition, Epidemiology, Preventative Care and Health Policy and Leadership. Check it out!

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