What Are The Top Schools For Public Health Degrees Online That Specialize In Biostatistics?

Earning a public health degree online from the most renowned public health schools is something you can start working towards today. Each year, more people are realizing that they don’t need to sacrifice a top-notch education, nor attend classes in person to earn degrees that can markedly improve their lives. Selecting public health degrees online will give you specialized skills in areas like biostatistics, epidemiology, nutrition, and much more.

At Online Master’s in Public Health, we’ve ranked public health programs online, and on campus in a number of concentrations, and for different states throughout the country that have significant offerings. Especially because some online programs require some in-person participation, you might want to choose a public health degree from a college or university somewhere you can get to easily, albeit occasionally. Some of the specializations we’ve ranked include Nutrition, Public Health Informatics, Health Administration, and of course, Biostatistics. Here’s a full look at our public health degrees online rankings.

If you specifically want to get a degree in Biostatistics, we’ve ranked the Top 15 Best Online MPH Degrees in Biostatistics programs so you don’t have to. We looked at retention and graduation rates, affordability, reputation, and other factors to compile our list. On it, you’ll find schools that offer asynchronous classes, delivery formats that are built to fit the lives of working adults, incredible programs renowned for their work in public health, exciting online and real-world opportunities within them, and much more. Selecting from public health degrees online has never been easier.

Our top choice on the list is from the University of California, Berkeley, which offers a 27-month online MPH in Biostatistics. Students will gain significant experience in statistics, public health, epidemiology, behavioral science, biology, and more. It’s 90% online, with asynchronous coursework, so you can get work done when you’re able to. Also, it’s delivered on a part-time schedule where students take one course at a time.

Another great option is at the University of Florida, which specializes in building graduates’ skills in regression analysis, survival analysis, and epidemiology methods. The online version of this MPH (which offers six concentrations, including Biostatistics) requires no visits to campus to graduate. Courses in the program are offered on a semester schedule with weekly due dates, and students can complete the internship component of the program locally.

Choosing public health degrees online might seem daunting, but it can be a rewarding, affordable, life-improving decision, and we’re here to help. The top school for an MPH, in biostatistics or any other subset of public health, will be the one you can commit to and thrive in, based on a number of factors. Once you’ve isolated the specific things you’re looking for in an online public health program, you’ll be able to find programs we’ve ranked that offer the features you need to make it work. So please, let us help you and take a look at our Top 15 Best Online MPH Degrees in Biostatistics, and all of our public health degrees online rankings today.

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