What are the Top Public Health Masters Programs in Michigan?

So you want to learn a little about the top public health Masters programs in Michigan? You’ve come to the right place. At Online Master’s in Public Health, we take a close look at public health Masters programs (along with Bachelors, Doctorate degrees and more) across the country, and rank them on a number of different criteria. Some of the things we prioritize in choosing programs include their cost of attendance, their graduation and retention rates, and the feedback from actual students that attended them.

One way we rank public health Masters programs is based on geography. While taking a public health program in a specific state isn’t the only way to become a public health professional in that state, it can go a long way towards educating you about the public health needs and problems within that state, and patch you in to a network that will help you get a great job in public health once you graduate. But what if you don’t live in Michigan? That won’t prevent you from entering one of its public health Masters programs remotely online. This way you can save time, money, and continue living your life and meeting your ongoing responsibilities while earning a public health degree in Michigan and working towards a new stage in your life and career.

On our ranking of the best Michigan public health Masters programs (and the other public health programs available in the state), you’ll find a number of incredible programs spread out among five Michigan colleges and universities. If you find a school you like, you can reach out to student support staff at the school to request more info from them about the programs they offer, what you can do to better your chances in the application process, and any other questions you may have. If you don’t live in Michigan, but want to attend one of its public health Masters programs, here are the schools offering online public health Masters programs in the state:

  • Michigan State University, which offers an online MPH in which all courses and advising are offered online.
  • Grand Valley State University, which has an online or hybrid MPH program in two areas of emphasis: Epidemiology and Health Promotion.
  • Andrews University, which offers an online MPH program in a Nutrition and Wellness concentration.
  • The University of Michigan, which is preparing to offer an online MPH in Fall 2019.

There are other public health masters programs that you can take in Michigan, and myriad more that are available throughout the country. We’ve ranked programs by a number of different degree levels, specializations, states and other criteria at Online Masters of Public Health. You can find our full collection of public health Masters programs rankings here.

If you’re set on earning your MPH from a Michigan school, we’ve given you a giant head start on our ranking of Michigan public health Masters programs. Don’t forget that whenever you see a school you like, you can easily click through and request more information about its programs directly. Good luck!

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