What Are The Benefits Of Having A Doctoral Degree In Public Health?

A Doctoral Degree in Public Health can unlock a world of opportunities in education, government, research, science, the medical field and much, much more. The public health field is rapidly expanding due to several factors. Just some of them include the Boomer generation getting older, growth in national and global populations, climate change leading to more frequent and devastating natural disasters, wealth inequality, biochemical attacks, potential global viruses or diseases spreading far easier than in the past, along with better comprehension and methods for teaching and supplying public health itself from the professional class. Like with climate change, humanity needs to make drastic changes to how it grapples with public health to avoid catastrophe.

All of this makes earning a doctoral degree in Public Health extremely beneficial. You’ll be qualified for top jobs, which convey stability and security not many find in the current job market. These jobs often come with salaries that allow you to support yourself and family. You’ll be able to supervise, train and develop staff members, helping them find fulfilling, stabilizing work in the PH field. And finally, you’ll be doing work that you know provides real utility and reassurance in the well-being of many others (potentially thousands or millions depending on where you’re working). It’s no exaggeration to say Public Health workers save lives, and people who hold doctoral degrees in the field are likely to have more responsibility and usefulness to the people they work to help than those just entering the field or holding lesser degrees that limit their job options. If you’re looking to earn a doctoral degree in public health, we’ve ranked some of the greatest options you can find to do so online.

Earning your doctoral degree in public health online can save you time and money. You won’t have to change your residence, and you might have the chance to participate in an accelerated program that takes less than the standard four to six years to complete that most DRPH programs require. You’ll likely be able to choose a learning schedule that you can realistically meet, and that allows you to honor your ongoing duties and schedule.

As previously mentioned, this is an excellent time to get into public health. When you earn a doctoral degree in the field, you can work in powerful roles with far-reaching impacts on so much related to people’s education, outreach, research, and perhaps even prevent diseases and disasters that are looming, or at least help people in their wake. Graduates of these programs will benefit by qualifying for supervisory, managerial, and executive positions in an array of public health and public health-adjacent organizations. You can expect to earn at least $65,000 a year, and potentially much more depending on your position and location. The Association of Schools of Public Health has found the demand for professionals in public health has never been higher. What are you waiting for?

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