What are the Top Public Health Schools for Epidemiological Study Online?

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When you want to enter a scientific field, it can be difficult to find programs online because there is a great deal of research and more hands-on learning to be done. Thankfully, epidemiology is not as complicated to offer in a distance education program. Because of that, there are plenty of great hybrid and fully-online degree programs at reputable schools all over the country. Blended programs will require you to take come courses online; the fully-online programs may require an orientation or short intensive, but they’re otherwise entirely accessible via the web. Undoubtedly, the top school for this type of degree online is Harvard University.

Harvard University is the most highly-respected institution of higher education in the world, and it was the first to be established in America. Less than 10% of the student body is enrolled in distance education programs because the university doesn’t offer many. The reputation of the university along with the scarcity of online degree programs set this opportunity apart. Harvard is the definitive place to go for the best education, and it would be the best option available for you to complete your epidemiological study online. The program consists of 45 credits that you can complete over the course of two years, a year-long supervised practicum at a location convenient to you and specific to your goals, and a capstone project. The National Research Council has ranked Harvard’s Department of Epidemiology as the most prolific research department in the entire world, and as a student, you would have the opportunity to receive the highest quality education available and benefit from the cutting edge research that goes on at the university. You would only have to attend three face-to-face intensives on campus in Cambridge; all coursework is completed online through a variety of methods.

Another esteemed university that offers an online MPH in Epidemiology is Emory University. Emory is home to the largest medical center in the state of Georgia, and it has been recognized worldwide as one of the best. The university has a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and serves as the International Association of National Public Health Institutes headquarters. The MPH in Applied Epidemiology at Emory University consists of 42 credits and up to 400 practicum hours. There are two on-campus sessions, and the remaining credits can be completed online at a full-time or part-time pace based on your needs. If you are open to enrolling in a hybrid program that would require more time on campus, you might be interested in schools such as the University of Michigan, the University of California-Berkeley, or the University of Florida. Each school is going to have its advantages, so thorough research and comparison are key.

When you are searching for the best online epidemiology degree program, you should look for programs that fit your budget, fit your schedule, are properly accredited, and offer electives that will further prepare you for your role as a professional epidemiologist.

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