Can I find any online MPH programs near Atlanta?

Atlanta online MPH program

If you’re looking for online MPH programs near Atlanta, you’ll have some, but not many options. An online MPH is hard to find anywhere in the country, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting an education in public health. At Online Master’s in Public Health, we’ve done exhaustive research and organization of public health degrees based on discipline, delivery format (online, on-campus, or hybrid), region, and more.

We’ve ranked the best public health programs in Georgia in our The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia ranking. On it, you’ll find a wide variety of public health degrees you can earn from our top 5 schools, including some online mph programs. If you’re interested in any of these public health programs, make sure to request more information directly from the schools -we have provided handy links for you. Our top five schools are:

  • 1. University of Georgia (many public health degrees to choose from)
  • 2. Emory University (many public health degrees to choose from, including a mostly online MPH program).
  • 3. Agnes Scott College (a Bachelor’s Major and Minor in Public Health)
  • 4. Georgia College and State University (B.S. in Public Health offered)
  • 5. Mercer University (B.S. and MPH offered, MPH entirely online).

However, if you need to choose from the online MPH programs near Atlanta, here are your options:

Emory University:

  • Emory offers an Executive MPH program that combines online classwork and onsite sessions.
  • The vast majority of the coursework for this program is completed online, and students take two short trips to campus each semester.
  • It comes in three tracks: Applied Epidemiology, Applied Public Health Informatics, and Prevention Science.

Augusta University, which scored an honorable mention on our list:

  • Students complete their online MPH program with 90% online coursework, and 10% on campus.
  • All coursework is offered in an asynchronous format, increasing flexibility.
  • Students choose concentrations in social and behavioral sciences, health informatics, environmental health, or health management.
  • Full-time students graduate in two years, while part-timers can complete the program in 3-4.
  • Augusta also offers a 5-year dual MD-MPH program which requires more on-campus attendance.

Mercer University’s MPH:

  • Can be taken itself, or in the following dual programs: DPT/MPH, PharmD/MPH, MMSc/MPH, and PsyD/MPH.
  • Teaches students how to improve access to health care, control infectious diseases, reduce environmental hazards, violence, substance abuse, and injury.
  • Mercer’s generalist MPH program leaves students open to continue their careers in the public health as educators, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, journalists, researchers, administrators, environmentalists, demographers, social workers, laboratory scientists, and attorneys, or in other positions, using their foundational Mercer public health education as a springboard to the rest of their public health career.
  • The 42-credit online MPH program can be taken entirely through the Internet, without on-campus requirements.

So why are you waiting? Check out our The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia ranking right now, and contact the schools on the list directly to request more info.

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