Where Would be the Best Place to Attend College in Georgia for a Public Health Major?

public health major in georgia

If you want to take a public health major in Georgia, you’ll have a lot of options to go through. What you consider the best will be the result of your needs, career goals, and the options presented to you. However, finding every public health major in Georgia can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds. We’ve decided to make your life easier by ranking public health majors in the state based on a rubric we created:

  • We assessed every school offering MPH programs in the state of Georgia.
  • Available information was gathered from school websites, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), CollegeData, Niche, and more.
  • Scored schools based on their graduation rate, retention rate, residential cost of Attendance, and students’ opinions for institutional grades through Niche.
  • All of these were factored into a final score out of 400. Our full methodology is explained before the ranking.

The result is our in-depth ranking, The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia. If you’re interested in any program, make sure to request more detailed information about their public health majors. Here’s a quick look at the schools that made the cut (you’ll find more information when you follow the link):

  • 1. University of Georgia (many public health degrees to choose from)
  • 2. Emory University (many public health degrees to choose from, including a mostly online MPH program).
  • 3. Agnes Scott College (a Bachelor’s Major and Minor in Public Health)
  • 4. Georgia College and State University (B.S. in Public Health offered)
  • 5. Mercer University (B.S. and MPH offered, MPH entirely online).

The best place for you to take a public health major might not be from those five schools (although they’re all incredible choices). Since sometimes available data is incomplete and we enjoy discussing plenty of options for a public health major in Georgia, we’ve also included these honorable mentions:

Feel free to take a closer look at all these programs, check out our other FAQs on Georgia public health degrees, and visit our ranking, The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in Georgia. Remember, when you find a program you’re interested in, request more information from it directly to feel it out and learn more. Good luck!

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