Do Any Schools Offer An Online Program For A Masters In Public Health In California?

California has a lot of choices when it comes to masters in public health (MPH) degrees, which can make the selection process seem overwhelming. Fortunately, many of the best schools in the state with worldwide name recognition offer online MPH degrees. Online degrees are typically tailored to accommodate the schedules of working professionals who want to advance their credentials while continuing their career. The University of California at Berkeley, San Diego State University, and the University of Southern California all have highly regarded online MPH degree programs that rank as the top three best public health degree programs in California on our list of The 5 Best Public Health Degree Programs in California.

UC Berkeley is regarded as one of the top universities in the country, and their online MPH degree program ranks as tops in the state. The program allows students to choose an Interdisciplinary MPH, or to specialize in Health Policy and Management or Global Health. The Interdisciplinary MPH track is designed to give students a holistic understanding of public health issues, and the many strategies that legislators and doctors use to combat them. The Health Policy and Management specialization prepares students to become leaders in the field of healthcare and teaches them the legislative aspects of public health issues. Students who specialize in Health Policy and Management at UC Berkeley will make practical decisions that will impact health services across the country. The Global Health specialization will teach students about how to address macro-level health issues that cross political borders. Students will become familiar with the policies of the United Nations’ World Health Organization and The World Bank, and how to address public health concerns in underserved communities and nations around the world.

San Diego State University offers a variety of specializations for MPH degrees, though their Health Promotion and Behavioral Science MPH is the only one that is offered completely online. The curriculum for their Health Promotion and Behavioral Science specialization is designed to give students an interdisciplinary understanding of public health that allows them to diagnose and develop programs to eradicate health threats around the world. Unlike their on-campus MPH degree programs, their online program requires students to have three years of experience working in a public health related field, and for them to be currently employed full time. This is because the degree program is made to offer flexible class schedules to meet the needs of working professionals, who typically finish their degree within 20 months.

University of Southern California offers online MPH degree programs with five specializations for their students to choose from. The Biostatistics and Epidemiology specialization teaches students to analyze data in order to create solutions for disease control. Their Health Education and Promotion specialization teaches students how to raise awareness of public health issues as teachers or community leaders. The Global Health Leadership specialization connects students with public health leaders around the world in an effort to prevent disease and health issues in communities around the world. The GeoHealth specialization gives students a geographic understanding of health issues that gives their students the tools to address health concerns on a local, regional or national scale. Their Health Services and Policy specialization teaches students about the legislative side of health policy and healthcare.

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