Where Can I Find A One Year Online Masters Program?

Most master’s programs, both online and on-campus, take two years to complete, however there are some accelerated online programs that are designed to accommodate highly motivated students who have the time management skills to handle heavy course loads. George Washington University, University of California Berkeley, and University of San Francisco all offer accelerated, one-year online master’s programs in the field of Public Health. For reference to other great programs, check out the list of The Top 25 Online MPH Programs. Let’s take a closer look at these accelerated one-year online master’s programs.

George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health offers an intensive, online, one-year accelerated MPH program that requires students to take an average of 11.5 credits per quarter. The curriculum for the accelerated program is the same as the traditional online and on-campus MPH program. Because of the fast-paced and demanding course load, students are not permitted to work while they are enrolled in the accelerated track program. Students who want to maintain their careers while working towards their MPH are encouraged to take the traditional two-year program. Prospective students must get special approval from the Program Director to pursue the 12-month MPH program, but if they can pull it off they will be well equipped to obtain a high-level career in the field of public health after their intensive one-year study program.

University of California Berkeley’s School of Public Health offers a one-year interdisciplinary MPH program that is designed to allow students to graduate in 11 months. The accelerated program is tailored to students with backgrounds in public health that have specific career goals in mind. The program focuses on a holistic understanding of the complex issues and leadership challenges that are required to create good policy and practices in the field of public health. Students are expected to complete 42 credit hours in the 11-month period, requiring them to take a heavy course load of 17-19 credit hours per semester, in addition to summer courses. Consequently, students should not expect to work their full-time jobs during the fall and spring semesters, though they are allowed to maintain minimal responsibilities if they are already employed. In addition to the heavy course load, students are also required to complete a year-long MPH project that is mentored by one of Berkeley’s professors.

The University of San Francisco’s School of Nursing and Health Professions offers an accelerated online MPH degree that can be completed in one-year by motivated and disciplined students. Students will work with faculty that specialize in areas such as public policy, environmental health, epidemiology, and biostatistics. USF’s online programs have cutting-edge digital interfaces which sometimes require students to log in to virtual classes at specific times. Students are also required to attend two out of three webinars or seminars which can be attended virtually. Students will complete 45 credit hours over the single year, meaning they will have a heavy course load that will require them to cut down on their full-time employment responsibilities. Some of the courses in USF’s online MPH program include Communicating for Healthy Behavior and Social Change, Public Health Program Planning, Management and Evaluation, and Environmental and Occupational Health Issues in Public Health.

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