What are the best online schools offering masters in Public Health programs?


Earning a graduate degree in public health will elevate your career prospects in a rapidly evolving and growing field. While the American health care system is in flux, one thing is clear: health professionals are extremely demanded. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects there to be 19,200 health educator jobs added to the economy by 2026, which is a 16% growth on the existing 118,500 that were working in 2016. That’s much quicker than average, and indicative of the growth for many jobs a Master’s degree in public health qualifies you for. And if you’re looking at Master’s in public health programs, it might make sense to earn the degree online. You’ll likely pay less than you would for an on-campus program, and you’ll have greater flexibility to earn a degree while maintaining your current work schedule and other responsibilities.

At Online Master’s in Public Health, we’ve ranked the top 25 online Master’s in Public Health programs here. The schools were ranked based on their Tuition and Opportunity Cost (60%), based on tuition and the estimated average earnings of students as they earn their degree, Prestige (20%) program requirements, based on average GRE/MCAT scores, and the percentage of applicants the program accepts, and Employment Statistics (20%), based on post-degree outcomes for students.

Some of the top programs include the University of North Carolina (ranked first overall), which offers concentrations in Applied Implementation Science and Water and Population Health, and is focused overall on Global Health issues. This program is especially useful for North Carolina residents, while out-of-staters should expect to pay over a $1000 per credit hour. For an extremely affordable option, Fort Hays State (ranked third overall) offers their Masters of Professional Health with a concentration in Public Health Administration for approximately $7,600. Students can also begin this program (30 credits long) at the beginning of any semester so long as they’re accepted to FHS.

Many Health Professionals work in Social Work, and a very unique opportunity among public health programs is the University of Alabama Birmingham’s (ranked 4th) dual degree option that pairs a Public Health degree with a Masters in Social Work. AB has three completely online Masters of Public Health options that require 42 to 45 credit hours. Students can complete the program in two years of full time work. And for students who live in Alabama, tuition is approximately $9,000, making it one of the lowest on the list. Out-of-state students pay approximately $16,200, which is still very low for a Master’s tuition. For optimal flexibility, you might consider the University of Florida’s (ranked 7th) Masters of Public Health. Its 48 credit hours can be completed in two to seven years, allowing you to build the program into your life however you see fit. This program is entirely online and its lectures can be played on demand. All students complete an integrative internship as well.

These are all excellent options, but make sure to check out the entire ranking to find an online Public Health Master’s program that’s the best fit for you.

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