Are There Any Online Doctorate Programs In Public Health?

Online Doctoral programs In Public Health

If you want to earn a doctorate in Public Health, you’ve come to the right place. A doctorate takes great effort, time, and money to achieve. No matter what program you select, it’s not going to be easy. Desiring a public health doctorate is one thing, but earning one is another. If you’re working full-time, part-time, looking for work, and/or taking care of family members or caught up in significant ongoing obligations, earning a traditional doctoral degree in public health might be a logistical and financial nightmare. Fortunately, in the digital era, you have options that can decrease educational stresses and woes. At the top of the list is earning your doctorate public health degree online.

There are online doctorate programs in Public Health that you can begin applying for today. We’ve ranked the Top Online DRPH Degrees in Public Health to make your hunt for online DRPH program that much easier.

There aren’t that many public health online doctorate programs, but we’ve still found some excellent options. The DRPH programs on that ranking were placed based on value and academic reputations. They also feature specializations that let you further specialize within public health, within subsets of the field like Epidemiology, Community Health Education, Health Education, Nutrition, Preventative Care, Health Policy, Leadership and more. The programs on the ranking are extremely comprehensive, and convey an advanced public health education on par with conventional DRPH programs.

Online doctorate public health programs give students more utility and flexibility while they earn their degree, which can take between four to six years, and potentially more. With online classes, you’ll likely be able to schedule schoolwork around your existing responsibilities, take asynchronous classes, pay less for school, among other benefits, all while enjoying the same quality education and support services the schools on the above list are known for in their traditional, on-campus versions of these DRPH programs.

One of the programs on our Top Online DRPH ranking confers the degree in only three years. The program begins with two years focused on leadership, then a third year of exams, and then choosing and executing a dissertation. Make sure to research the programs you’re interested in closely. Some have tracks for students looking to break into the Public Health field by earning this advanced online doctorate degree, while other programs are aimed at mid-career public health professionals looking to build their credentials.

An online doctorate in public health and the training that accompanies it will prepare you for a wide cross-section of careers that may focus or overlap with government, education, policy, research, climate change, biochemical threats, disease prevention, outreach, fundraising, non-profit work, and so much more. In a challenging economic landscape, this is an opportunity to help others while building a stable, versatile and recourse-laden career path for yourself. Let the OMPH be your guide.

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